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sales are up on North Shore

Thank you for all the positive feedback about my custom branded gardening gloves! If you didnt receive a pair just send me an email and I will drop them off. To read the full article in the North Shore news, check out the Sunday, May 31 st edition.  They have now been used to change oil in a car and muck out a horse barn but they come with fabulous reviews! I prefer my advertising, as well as my service, to be useful. So instead of flyers to promote name recognition, I had the gloves made.

the market?

Rates are low and prices are still low.  Sales of North Van  detached   homes  increased by 19% and West Van over 8% compared to last month.  With the threat of inflation, its a perfect time to invest your dollars in the safety of real estate. The markets have shown that they too can bounce back. Although we haven't seen the speculators back out there, there is confidence in the market as we see a large number of custom homes being built. Call me for a tour of some great buys out there, cheers Kim