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Making a house a home

My husband and I spent a couple hours transporting and digging in a 10 foot apple tree from a friends yard. They were having some landscaping done and had no place for this big tree. My husband has been busy painting and reflooring our basement and questioned the logic of getting this tree NOW, when we could go and buy one when we were ready for it.

The truth is, The tree had a story. We had many enjoyable dinner parties at Dougs house and the fact that the lovely big tree is now in our yard will remind me of that when i see it. He had stories of the bear beating him to the apples which i will also remember. A tree on sale at Walmart will come with no history.

 I remember my friend Brent Comber talking about his wooden functional sculptures and how each piece has a story to tell. For him it was bringing that story out. Spec houses these days lack that story, that history.

When we were developing houses in Strathcona we often sought out balustrades or doors from demolished heritage buildings to add character to the homes we were doing.( I remember one woman who wanted to buy our house said" well I am going to have to discount for the used stuff you used". " Honey, if you think of this as used stuff- this isnt the house for you and its not for sale"was pretty much our response.) But for most people its that character that is the soul of the home.
Houses today are getting bigger and soulless. If we can find that piece that gives us a story, its buy in.

Unlike the joke about the 2 storey house, it should be the same story when you buy it as sell it!