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density and operations

So everyone is up in arms with the recent calculation that an upgrade to our sewer system will cost the equivalent of over $3850 per household! But people, lets be realistic. Our system is not adequate and we are pumping sewage into our bay. This is not a solution. The Councils have seen this coming and knew the state of our system did not meet current standards. This must be done and we must find a way to pay for it.
On another note The City of North Vancouver came out with a laneway housing stategy. A good compromise to not over developing lots but allowing some sensitive density increase and getting some rental housing back in our booming  real estate market.
In a nut shell the program does not allow for extra square footage- as in Vancouver city, rather you can use existing unused FSR in your lane house.
- a two-tier approach with 800 square feet, single-storey homes available through a faster process, and a longer more involved approval process with up to 1000 square feet with a one-and-a-half storey unit
- parking provided for both units on the lot
- minimum requirements for a lot; at least 3960 square feet and lot width of 10m

I will be meeting with Smallworks next week to discuss their projects as they have been a leader in this endeavor so far. I will keep you posted!