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current market January 2018

Did you know that as of January 1 of this year the new mortgage " stress test" takes effect. This can reduce the average persons buying power by 18-20%, so its important to price sharply.


As well, March 15th the new Council rules take effect. Do not choose a Realtor to list your home because you think they will bring you a Buyer- that is no longer allowed. Think about it, How can I do the very best for my Seller if i also promise to do the very best for my Buyer. Meeting in the middle is not winning for either side. Reputable agents will have someone they can refer you to, as I do , should you wish to buy My listing from me.


December 2017 Sales in West Vancouver were down by  3.2 % over same time last year but prices are UP! by 4%

December 2017  Sales in North Vancouver are up by 45.8%, prices are up by 5.2%

North Vancouver Buyers will face more competition , now is an excellent time to buy in West Vancouver.


Email me if you would like information on  a couple great properties currently for sale in West Van I have seen.