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chartwell english estate

wow, I just listed a home that reminds me of times gone by. A beautiful .8 acre estate in lower  properties that has the wonderful feel of an english country estate. 1165 Chartwell. I should be thrilled but I am nervous. Not for the Canucks tonite  as i believe they deserve this win ( not just because i was an old Rota router in the 82 series, and thanks to Bob and Tom Larsheid got to see some playoff games- but because the ones sided calls, the honorable Sedins and young Mason all deserve it!)
 I am nervous because this beautiful immaculately maintained and lovingly cared for home has people calling every few hours about how big a house can they build on this lot.35,000 sq ft is big and the flat buildable area is probably about 18,000 sq ft. But somehow I really want a family to continue to love this home and make it their own. Maybe renovate the kicthen and bathrooms and fix up the lovely cottage on the knoll that would have a nice view! and it has power and water - what a great doghouse when hubby comes home late. ok just kidding, how about a wandering teen. Anyway, the property is worth seeing, even if just to remember the type of homes we dreamed about when we were young. ill be there thursday 10 to 12 and saturday and sunday 2 to 4.