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2010 vancouver rental bylaws

Many Municipalities have set up short term rental bylaws for the upcoming Olympics. Be sure to check with your area if you plan on renting out  your house or a portion of it short term.

Some current bylaws:

West Vancouver   Council voted on July 6,2009 to amend the Business Licence Bylaw no 4455 to address temporary accommodation for the 2010 games. The proposed amendments are modelled after the CITY of Vancouver's bylaw that addresses short term rentals. Residents will have to purchse a $150 licence and the City will inspect the property and enforce the bylaw.

Vancouver   A Zoning and Developement Bylaw no 3575,1956 covers short term rentals. It includes a " 2010 winter games by-law" which will allow rentals of suites, homes, condos and even single bedrooms. A $150 license is necessary for all rentals except single bedrooms provided there are no more than 2 guests. If more than 1 bedroom is rented a B and B licence is necessary. Check out the Citys website for guidelines regarding minimum bedroom size, smoke alarms, night lights and emergency contact information. There are also guidelines as to the  eviction of exisiting tenents, which the City has requested the BC Government to limit. Current fines for illegal renting are $2000 but they plan to amend that to $10,000.  more info at

Whistler   Zoning and Parking bylaw no 303,1983  permits rentals only if the property is considered tourist accommodation and located in a zone that allows residential and tourist use.Whistler is considering allowing homeowners not currently in the tourist zone to rent beds nightly through a temporary use permit